Ecumenical & Interreligious Relations


For the ecumenical and interreligious relations these Advisors have been appointed: they constitute the Secretariat for Ecumenical & Inter-religious Relations for the Society. The Secretariat is a consultative group conversant with the ongoing relations among diverse faith communities. Each advisor remains in his present work and location rather than moving to Rome. All the advisors gather in Rome once a year to meet together with Father General for discussions on developments in ecumenism and inter-religious relations, and the Society's involvement in them.

For the Ecumenical relations with other Christian communities:

- Oriental Churches: to be appointed
- Protestants: Markus Schmidt (ASR) Theology Professor, Department of Systematic Theology, University of Innsbruck, Austria
- Pentecostals and Evangelicals: Gerardo Luíz de Mori (BRA) Rector, Faculdade Jesuíta de Filosofia e Teologia (FAJE), Belo Horizonte, Brazil

For the Inter-religious Relations:

- Judaism: Marc Rastoin (GAL) Professor of New Testament, Facultés jésuites de Paris-Centre Sèvres, Paris, France
- Islam: Heru Prakosa (IDO) Professor, Theology Department at the Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Jean-Marc Balhan (PRO) Parish Rector, Ankara, Turkey
- Buddhism: Gregory C. Sharkey (NEN) Professor, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
- Indigenous religions in the Americas: Felipe Jaled Ali Modad Aguilar (MEX) Parish Rector, Bachajón Mission, Mexico
- African Traditional Religions: Mpay Kemboly (ACE) Professor, Philosophy Faculty, Kinshasa, DR Congo
- Indigenous religions in India: Stanislaus Tirkey (MAP) Director of Xavier Institute of Social Action (XISA) Raipur, India
- Hinduism: Sebastian Painadath (KER) Director of the Indian Spirituality Centre and Sameeksha Research Centre in Kalady, Kerala, India