Young Adult Ministry

Through interacting with young people, we come to appreciate new perspectives

Young Adult Ministry

Our world today is brimming with young people of talent, vision and energy. Their possibilities for interaction and learning, as well as for making a contribution to a better world, are enormous, even more so today with the opportunities of the internet.

Our work with young people ranges from ministry to youth on the margins to educational work in schools and universities. We journey with young people who are homeless and suffering. Our work also includes retreats targeted specifically at the need and aspirations of the young. We offer vocational discernment to help young people discover where God is calling them. Their contribution to building a new world is needed.

Ignatian Spirituality is a spirituality of journey, of positivity; of discovery and so it speaks directly to young people today. Most Provinces and Regions of the Society of Jesus offer spirituality programmes for young people. God speaks to each one of us in a unique and personal way. We want to help young people discover God in a personal and passionate way and to commit themselves to work as Jesus did, helping all to become brothers and sisters of each other, sons and daughters of the Father.

Through interacting with young people, we come to appreciate new perspectives. Young people, in turn, learn from us how to reflect in a Gospel manner and are helped to find God and to hear God’s voice.

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