The General Curia

The Jesuit General Curia is the administrative centre of the Society. Just under 50 Jesuits work at the Curia with the vital assistance of about 50 lay people who collaborate on a day to day basis.

Collaboration with others is the only way the Society of Jesus can fulfil the mission entrusted to her.

GC 36 D.1 N.36

Major officials

Secretary of the Society
The Secretary of the Society, assisted by the Under-Secretary, oversees the official communication of Father General with the whole Society. He accompanies the work of the General Council at the service of the Superior General. He collects and organises the processing of statistical information on the Society of Jesus. Generally speaking, he coordinates the work of the Curia.

General Treasurer
The General Treasurer oversees the finances and civil legal matters of the Society of Jesus.

General Procurator
The General Procurator advises Father General on all matters of Canon Law and the Law of the Society of Jesus.

General Postulator
The General Postulator oversees the processes towards beatification or canonization of Jesuits or others for whom the Society of Jesus has been asked to act.

Discernment and Apostolic Planning

In 2016, Father General Arturo Sosa appointed a Counsellor with special responsibility for Discernment and Apostolic Planning. The General Curia provides resources for planning and discernment and offers occasional workshops.

A discerning leadership programme has been initiated.

Resources for Discernment and Planning are found here.

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