What do archivists talk about when they meet?

By Raúl González Bernardi, SJ, Administrative Director of ARSI

After four years of online meetings with the archivists of the Jesuit Conference of Europe (JCEP), we envisaged last year a first in-person meeting at the General Curia, in February 2024. It was held from the 20th to the 23rd. The archivists meeting brought together 20 participants from 14 JCEP archives. In addition, we had two guests: Irene Petretti, from the historical archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome), and Alessandro Corsi, from Boston College (USA).

The agenda included four working sessions on specific topics. For each one of these topics, the goal is the production, over the next few months, of documents that could be useful for the Jesuit archives around the world:

• The first working session was dedicated to “The management of the archives”, led by Sergio Palagiano (ARSI archivist).

• The second session offered an in-depth look at the “Preservation issues in the archives”, led by Mauro Brunello (ARSI archivist).

• The third session was titled “Digitalization issues and digital archives”, led by Salvatore Vassallo (ARSI archivist).

• The fourth session focused on a what is called the “book project”. The publication’s title: European Jesuit Archives, 1939-1945. The session was led by Camilla Russell (Publications Editor) by videoconference, with the collaboration ofRebecca Somerset, Damien Burke, Christian Taoutel, and Br. Brent Gordon SJ.

On the last day we did an evaluation of the meeting. Among the conclusions, we intend to have the next online meeting of the JCEP archivists in May 2024. In addition, it was proposed to hold another in-person meeting two years from now.


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