Journeying with Youth

In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius, with Fr. Arturo Sosa

In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius

Journeying with youth

In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius, with Fr. Arturo Sosa

Camino Ignaciano, Spain

Journeying with youth... one of the main ways in which Jesuits live out their commitment to the Gospel today. Journeying with youth... during the Ignatian Year, proposing to them the figure of Ignatius, his conversion, his journey, his desire to serve Journeying with youth... through projects, actions, images that can speak to them and set them on their way.

On 31 July 2021, the feast of Saint Ignatius, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus decided to make a concrete symbolic gesture. Together with a group of young people, he walked the last few kilometres of the “Camino Ignaciano”, the 650-kilometre route from Loyola to Manresa in Spain.

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