Father General: the preferences will be the fruit of prayer

Most of you are already aware that the Society of Jesus is living an important moment. The Superior General, following the request made to him by the 36th General Congregation, proposed to the whole Society a process to identify its universal apostolic preferences for the coming years. For nearly two years now, Jesuits from all over the world –but not only them but also so many people associated with the Society of Jesus in various capacities– have participated in the various stages of this process.

The ultimate goal of this discernment process is to receive, from the hands of the Holy Father, a list of preferences that will enable the Society of Jesus to better serve the world and the Church, based on its charism and resources.

We are at a point that can be considered as the penultimate stage: the meeting, at the General Curia, of the Extended Council of Father General. In a context of prayer, the members of this Council -which includes the General Councillors, the Assistants for the different parts of the world, the Presidents of the six Jesuit Conferences and the Secretaries of the apostolic sectors- will help Father Sosa to prepare the document that he will present to Pope Francis very soon. This document will be the result of the entire discernment process.

From the very beginning of the meeting, the General insisted that all those who have at heart the future of the Society’s commitments be invited to join the members of the Extended Council through prayer. To promote this union of minds and hearts, we offer you excerpts from the prayers used each day during the meeting. Use this link.

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