Be sensitive to people’s needs… as Jesus was.

Father General in Nicaragua

On January 23 and 24, Fr. Arturo Sosa spent time with his Jesuit companions in Managua. It is common knowledge that relations between the Nicaraguan authorities and the Catholic Church have not always been, and are still not easy. Father General made no public statement about this, but he was very interested to hear the points of view of his Jesuit brothers. He also wanted to assure them of his support. During his celebration of the Eucharist, his homily allowed him to highlight various aspects of the “way of proceeding” of Jesus during his mission on earth.

A central aspect of this is sensitivity to people’s needs. This sensitivity allowed Jesus to be a consoler, to bring healing and salvation. To do this, Jesus was a man of discernment, ingenious in his approach to reality. Our tradition of Ignatian discernment should improve our analytical skills and sharpen the “sense of our smell” of what applies at the heart of human situations: answers are not “ready made”, but adapted to each situation.


Father General also stressed the importance of collaboration in a common mission, that of reconciling all things in Christ. In difficult moments or in the midst of conflict, he recalled, remaining united in a spirit of collaboration is not something which happens automatically: few were the disciples who remained with Jesus to the foot of the cross. Jesus' way of acting, we must remember, is to give his life so that others can have Life.

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