Vinayalaya – Home of human accomplishment

Father General’s arrival at the Provincial Curia of the Bombay Province

The arrival of Fr. General for a visitation is always a time of excitement and hope. The Jesuits of India created a video to capture Fr. Sosa’s arrival at Vinayalaya, a Jesuit complex in Bombay Province, India. Vinayalaya is not easy to translate but the name implies a place of residence, the “home” of human virtues such as humility and good manners, and also accompaniment and accomplishment. On the campus of Vinayalaya you'll find the province offices, a retreat center, the Juniorate - the stage of formation that immediately follows the novitiate - and an infirmary. A majority of the Jesuits of Bombay Province were present to welcome Father General and celebrate the Eucharist with their brothers.

Watch the video

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