Kubama College – DRC, 29 April 2019

Dear fellow Jesuits and Partners in mission,
Dear Students and all of you link to this College

For the warm welcome you have given me at Kubama College, I deeply thank you for it.

Your school is famous because the University of Kinshasa, ex Lovanium, has its roots here. Today, you are a school that strives to spark lit the flame of excellence. I encourage you to continue to work so that the Lord Jesus is manifest in your midst, for more hope, especially among young people, for greater attention, given to the poorest among us and finally, I encourage you to continue to work to preserve nature and the world in which we live.

I am talking to teachers first. Dear teachers, the Society of Jesus is always happy about your collaboration in the formation of youth according to the Ignatian educational vision with a long a fruitful tradition for centuries all over the world. The Society of Jesus recognizes your passion for the success of the students whom you are in charge of imbibing Christian values. The Society of Jesus already thanks you for your involvement with the youth and for the good of the school. In the name of this Society of Jesus, I invite you to be resolutely concerned about the human, intellectual and spiritual growth of these children. Please assure each of them of quality education with unlimited generous dedication.

The young people we have before us will never become what they want to become without your support. Know that only in this way can you really insert the flame of hope into their hearts, and the Christian values ​​they need to build a new world, a Democratic Republic of Congo "ever more beautiful than before". This is what gives meaning to your life and professionalism, which mobilizes a large part of your energies. Be reassured of the spiritual support of the Society of Jesus and its effort to create an educational environment for all of you.

To you, dear students. You are well aware that Kubama College is one of the Jesuit colleges scattered around the world. The mission of the Society of Jesus in these educational circles is to offer you a solid school education. The Society of Jesus firmly believes that the training you receive at Kubama College will make you men and women for and with others. At this moment when you are halfway to your schooling this year, I would like to reassure you of my spiritual support for each one of you. I wish everyone to be happy and concerned about his or her own training, always aiming for excellence. Excellence in schoolwork will enable you to acquire the skills as well as practical know-how or the ability to adapt and integrate harmoniously into life with success, determination and creativity. You are becoming messengers of hope for the Congolese and all Africa youth. As the Society of Jesus, we want to accompany you in creating a future full of hope for you and the next generations.

I pray that God will bless each one of you, bless the whole Kubama College educational family and all the projects you hope to realize. Long live Kubama College.

Thank you.

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