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“People think that as communicators, we must be the most confident people in the world. I do not easily feel that way. Creating content involves a lot of experimenting and it’s fun, but there is also a lot of doubt as to whether it will work. Knowing what has worked for others and having their support is really empowering for me.”

This is the expression of satisfaction from Vanessa Gorra, one of the two representatives of the Society’s Asia-Pacific Conference, at the end of a meeting held at the Curia from May 20 to 24. She participated, with her colleague Ria Limjap, in an intensive week of reflection, prayer, workshops and sharing between the communications officers of the six Conferences of the Society and the Curia’s communications team.

Like all the groups that meet at the “headquarters” in Rome, the agenda for the week was full. However, in the spirit that drives all the Society’s activities, it was not only a question of “doing” but also of giving ourselves the chance to “be” together. The first day was devoted to interpersonal knowledge and reflection in the context of conversations marked by spiritual conversation and prayer.


The first day started with a meeting with Father General who insisted on the meaning of the Universal Apostolic Preferences that we, communicators, must spread and which we want to promote integration into the whole life of the Society. Once again, Father Sosa stressed how much the Preferences are not linked to a particular “apostolic sector” but are orientations that must reach all forms of commitment of the Society in various parts of the world.

Another guest made a profound impact on the participants. Fr. Federico Lombardi, well known in many capacities, shared his experience in the difficult - and crucial for the Society’s communicators - issue of abuse and the protection of minors. Fr. Lombardi moderated the special meeting on this theme organized by the Vatican last February. He also works in collaboration with the Centre for Child Protection of the Gregorian University.

Let’s conclude by letting Ria Limjap speak, “Coming to the Jesuit Curia in Rome to meet all the other conference communicators has been an amazing experience for me. It is so good to touch base with all the people who are involved in the same work: it is encouraging to realize that we share the same challenges in our different contexts. Also, it is very inspiring to be at the Curia! I have learned so much and I will return full of inspiration to continue our work in communications.”

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