Healing our deafness: Recognizing our resistance to Conversion

Before a Jesuit makes a decision, he discerns. In order to discern, he must pray.

This isn’t just a maxim of Jesuit life, it’s a way of living a prayerfully-examined vocation to service. It’s no surprise then that the delegates of the 71st Congregation of Procurators, who now face a week of challenging discernment and decisions, have spent the past eight days deep in a silent retreat guided by Frs. Assouad, Paul, and Ravizza from the Jesuit Curia in Rome.

For the past week, the trio have prayerfully guided the delegates through a retreat based on the hot-button issues brought into the Congregation by Fr. General Arturo Sosa.

Listen to Fr. Mark Ravizza offer a personal reflection about listening and conversion, the last set of points the delegates received before starting their official discernments.

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