Father General in Chicago

Fr General is responsible for the Worldwide Society of Jesus, but his responsibility in founded in “Cura Personalis” or “Care of the Whole Person”. This care can be most easily seen during his official visitations of all the Provinces of the Society of Jesus. This month, Fr General Arturo Sosa, spent time in the “UMI” or “Jesuits Midwest” Province in the United States for a series of meetings and talks with the men and women who steward the mission of the Society.

Fr Sosa began his visitation in Chicago, Illinois, on the campus of Loyola University Chicago. There he has spent several days meeting with the Provincials of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States (JCCU), as well as with the assembled Presidents of all 27 Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States (AJCU). In meeting with the Provincials, Fr General has been discussing matters concerning the formation of Jesuits, both within the Conference of Canada and the United States and globally, as well addressing the need for transparency of finances and human resources across the Jesuit Conference. The Provincials were also looking forward to talk with Fr General on matters related to Province governance, including the roles of the socius, the Province consultors, and the admonitor to the Major Superior.

Similarly, Fr General’s conversation with the Presidents of the AJCU has been focused heavily on transparency and collaboration between institutions. It is no coincidence that these same issues were the central themes of Fr General’s document entitles De Statu Societatis released in late 2023.

Please pray for Fr General and the ministries of the Society of Jesus!

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