Blessed Ludovicus Kawara

Blessed Ludovicus Kawara

Ludovicus Kawara


  • Death: 09/10/1622
  • Nationality (place of birth): Japan

Ludovicus Kawara (1583-1622) served in the court of Michael, prince of Arima, the place where Kawara was born. The prince was Christian but decided to renounce his faith and wanted Kawara to follow him. Kawara pretended to apostatize but continued to live as a Christian. The prince became incensed when he discovered the ruse and confiscated his servant's property. With his family, Kawara moved to Nagasaki where they lived in abject poverty; eventually his wife and children died. Kawara built himself a small house in a remote area and lived as an ascetic. People came to visit him and listen to his wisdom, eventually leading to his arrest on three occasions. On June 30, 1621 he was arrested with Fr. Sebastianus Kimura and imprisoned in Suzuta. Moved by the example of the others he met there, he entered the Society and pronounced his vows before being burned alive. For more details of his martyrdom, see the account under the name of Blessed Carlo Spinola.

Martyres in Japan

Originally Collected and edited by: Tom Rochford, SJ