Blessed Petrus Sampo

Blessed Petrus Sampo

Petrus Sampo


  • Death: 09/10/1622
  • Nationality (place of birth): Japan

Petrus Sampo (ca. 1580-1622) was born in Oshu, Japan. He emigrated to central Japan where he reached his goal of gaining a good position with a great lord; then he moved again to Hiroshima where he became a Christian. Later he entered the service of the daimyo of Hoki, but moved to Nagasaki when his master died. He shaved his head and built a simple house right next to the Jesuit novitiate. Upon the advice of his neighbor, he became a catechist, later going into exile with the Jesuits. He returned to Japan and secretly resumed his work as a catechist before joining Antonius Kyuni's group on the mountain. For more details of his martyrdom, see the account under the name of Blessed Carlo Spinola.

Martyres in Japan

Originally Collected and edited by: Tom Rochford, SJ