Blessed Vincentius Caun

Blessed Vincentius Caun

Vincentius Caun


  • Death: 06/20/1626
  • Nationality (place of birth): Japan

Vincentius Caun (1579-1626) was martyred in Japan after being arrested with Father Francisco Pacheco and several other Jesuits during the period of the great persecution in the early 1600s. Caun was born in a noble Korean family and captured during a war with Japan. He was taken prisoner and brought to Japan where he was given to the Jesuits to educate. At age 13 he was baptized and then studied at the Jesuit seminary in Arima. He then became a catechist and was assigned to help Father Zola found a mission in Korea. He set out by himself in 1612 and walked as far as Peking (today's Beijing) but could not re-enter his homeland. However, he learned to speak and write Chinese before returning to Japan and working with Zola. He proved to be very valuable in working with Koreans and Chinese as well as Japanese people. He was arrested with Zola and joined the Society while in prison. For more details of the story of his martyrdom, see the entry under Blessed Francisco Pacheco.

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Originally Collected and edited by: Tom Rochford, SJ