St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai – Leader in accessibility


Professor Sam Taraporewalla sees clearly - even if he is blind

St. Xavier's College, one of 15 Jesuit institutions of higher education in the Mumbai region of India, has won acclaim and widespread recognition for their initiative to provide access to higher education for students who are blind or visually challenged. This is due in large part to the boundless commitment of Mr. Sam Taraporewalla, Xavier’s first blind member of the teaching staff. For more than 15 years, Mr. Tarapowalla has been creating opportunities for sight-impaired students while also educating the entire university community about the importance of inclusion. His fine work comes from his experience of Ignatian spirituality and the lessons drawn from Ignatian principles. In a short testimony, he explains how his ministry has provided access to education not only for the blind, but for young people with all forms of disability. He has also made a significant contribution to change of laws in his country that have lead to a better quality of life for the disabled.

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