In Poland, Father Arturo Sosa talks about the Media

For many years, Jesuits in Poland have been active in the media field. The publication of books and journals has long been the main activity of this sector, but digital media is now at the heart of Jesuit media presence.

In this context, among the first visits Father General made to the Southern Polish Province, in Krakow, was the time spent at WAM publishing house, which includes the headquarters of the web portal, a unified platform that has served both Polish Jesuit Provinces since 2016.

During the television interview he gave, Father Sosa expressed some views about the media, insights that deserve the attention of all of us. Here they are:

“The media must never be silent, but they must tell the truth, a truth that liberates and not stigmatizes”.

“We should never hide scandals, but rather reveal crises and abuses. It is through this way that we can invite conversion, change and reform”.

“The media must help the Church and society as a whole to modernize; this path invites us to recognize our faults, to be reconciled and to convert”.

“The whole world needs change and the media should facilitate this transformation”.

Several reports on Father General’s visit to Poland are available, in Polish, on the website

Fr. General in Poland

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