A video series: Communications in a time of COVID

Communications has been a challenge during the Covid pandemic especially on an interpersonal level. People are staying in small apartments or in confined spaces, something they are not used to. It can provoke a virus of tensions and can lead to misunderstandings. But a few simple skills can help to deepen our relationships and transform us.

In this video series, contributors speak about finding new skills for this change of era: the importance of gratitude; defusing tensions; curiosity and wonder. If you want to change your habits, a part of the way you live, and if you want to deepen your relationships during and after the crisis we have been and are still going through, we invite you to watch these short videos.

Post-Corona, a new “normal”? With John Dardis SJ

Thinking of others; giving thanks for what is good. With Diego Losada

Learning to slow down, to pray, to share With Sandra Chaoul

COVID-19 and the call to gratitude With John Dardis SJ

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But many other initiatives are being taken in various Provinces aimed at helping people to face their trials, to find meaning, to commit themselves to the services of those in need. We were told of two video productions from South Asia - we are confident that there are many more.

- Karnataka has produced a series available on YouTube

- Jamshedpur presents the work of the Jesuits of the Province during the crisis

And don’t forget to check our special Covid website: jesuits.online

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Communications Office
The Communications Office of the General Curia publishes news of international scope on the central government of the Society of Jesus and on the commitments of the Jesuits and their partners. It also handles media relations.

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