New Year Prayer

Loving God
we thank you for this past year
with its positive moments and its more difficult ones.
We thank you for the love we have received from family and friends
And for the successes we have had at work and at home.

We thank you also for the hard moments
The moments that we struggled with
the moments of challenge; the moments of uncertainty;
the moments when we have been afraid
for our safety and of those we love;
the moments when we lost those dear to us.

As we look forward to the next year
we ask for Your grace and blessing.

Give us health and strength;
give us faith and hope.
Send us Your Spirit.
Give us peace with the choices we make
Grant us joy as we look ahead and discern the future.
Most of all give us the love that will guide us
through whatever challenges we come across.

Help us to walk beside each other with patience and forgiveness
putting our hands in the hands of Your Son Jesus.
He guides us and strengthens us.
He is always by our side
He gives us hope
He helps us see beyond the small ‘now’
to the bigger picture and the wider dream
The dream imagined for us by You, our Father.

You who live and love
Forever and ever. AMEN

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Posted by Communications Office - Editor in Curia Generalizia
Communications Office
The Communications Office of the General Curia publishes news of international scope on the central government of the Society of Jesus and on the commitments of the Jesuits and their partners. It also handles media relations.

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