Saint Ignatius’ story, as told by young Jesuits

Young voices, computer graphics, questions that are still being raised today: this is the recipe for the “Ignatius 500” series on our YouTube channel.

At the outset of the Ignatian Year last May, we began to air this series written and illustrated by young Jesuits from Spain. With the collaboration of other Jesuits, the group produced 13 episodes on the life of St. Ignatius in Spanish, French and English: this was their major contribution to the Ignatian Year. The Spanish version includes subtitles in Italian and Portuguese. A new episode is posted online on the 20th of each month.

This month, the 10th episode of this series of 13, deals with Ignatius’ missionary vocation... which he lived in Rome! This series may have escaped your notice. Why not watch the full 10 episodes which have already been posted? Ignatius has had a profound impact on Christianity over the past 500 years. Through the life of St. Ignatius, you may perhaps identify much that is relevant to your own personal and spiritual journey: dreams, failures, trials and errors, the search for God, the desire to follow Jesus, experiences of friendship...

Here is the list of chapters already released:

10. With others. Friends in the Lord

9. With studies. Aphorism: for the greater Glory of God

8. Spiritual Exercises

7. Penance and reconciliation. Sinners, yet called.

6. The second binary

5. Fleeing from others, he met God and himself. Inner knowledge of Christ.

4. Big-time conversion. Ignatius in the centre

3. Discernment

2. Bigger was the fall. Insist more on prayer

1. Big Dreams - MAGIS Misguided

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