6 reasons to become a Jesuit

By Fr. Andrew Laguna, SJ
Vocation promoter for the USA West Province

Why would anyone choose to be a Jesuit brother or priest?

I have been a member of the Society of Jesus for 14 years, and below I present my top six reasons to be a Jesuit.

Reason 1 – You desire to experience lifelong growth

To be a Jesuit is to be a man on a mission. At heart, our charism is about availability - i.e., to be willing to go wherever there is the greatest need, for the greater glory of God.

This naturally means that you will be put in situations you’ve never been in before. Throughout my formation, I have had missions in which I have been stretched and learned new skills, from teaching Scripture to sophomores in San Francisco to accompanying migrants in Latin America.

I am certainly a better human for these experiences, as well as a better priest.




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