Society of Jesus launches comprehensive safeguarding training programme

In a significant development towards fostering a secure environment within the global Jesuit community, the Society of Jesus has announced the launch of a comprehensive formation and training programme aimed at safeguarding minors and vulnerable persons.

The initiative, known as the Promotion of a Consistent Culture of Protection (PCCP) Programme, is set to be rolled out across all apostolic areas of the Society, encompassing pre-secondary and secondary education, higher education, informal education, socio-pastoral works, Jesuit formation, spirituality and faith, and global networks.

The PCCP was already mentioned by Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ in the De Statu Societatis 2023. The PCCP Global Audit completed in 2022 identified the need for quality training, prompting the formulation of this global programme. Following extensive consultations with Major Superiors, Delegates for safeguarding of the Conferences of Major Superiors, and various secretariats and networks, a comprehensive training plan was proposed and subsequently approved in July 2023.

Fr General Sosa has appointed Fr John Guiney SJ as the Coordinator and Dr Sandra Racionero-Plaza as the Assistant Coordinator of the programme, starting their three-year term in January 2024. Their mandate involves organising and implementing the training programme in collaboration with Provinces and works of the Society of Jesus worldwide.


Dr Sandra Racionero-Plaza and Fr John Guiney SJ of the Promotion of a Consistent Culture of Protection Programme.

In a letter to all Major Superiors issued on 8 December, Father General emphasised the importance of the new PCCP Programme, describing it as a significant step forward in the shared mission of eliminating abuse, as outlined in the second Universal Apostolic Preference, Walking with the Excluded. The programme is viewed as a strategic initiative for social impact, contributing to the ongoing efforts of the Society to create a protective environment for all its members. The current focus is on designing the rollout of the training programme and developing specific curricula for each apostolic area.

Conference Presidents and their delegate teams are seen as crucial players in ensuring the effective implementation of the programme. Fr General Sosa has emphasised the call for collaboration, participation, and support from all Provinces and works for the programme to fulfil the ambitious mandate set forth in General Congregation 36 to create a consistent culture of protection and safety.

Additionally, the Society of Jesus celebrated another milestone on 8 December, with the publication of the latest issue of Promotio Iustitiae, entirely dedicated to the PCCP. This publication serves as a key document, offering insights into the history of the PCCP and contributions from the six Conferences, highlighting concrete experiences of accompanying victims, developing policies and protocols, and successful examples of preventive work in various educational and community settings.

The issue, published in four languages and available as an open-access resource, also features reflections on the necessary training and formation. Key networks within the global Society of Jesus, such as Jesuit Refugee Service, Fe y Alegria, and Xavier Network, have contributed to this edition, further enriching the comprehensive understanding of safeguarding efforts within the Jesuit community.

The Society encourages widespread distribution of the latest issue of Promotio Iustitiae, seeking active participation from all members in advancing the mission of safeguarding within the Ignatian family.


Download the latest edition of Promotio Iustitiae

A Journey to Justice and Hope

Promotio Iustitiae 136
[PDF file - 1.7 MB]

Un camino a la justicia y la esperanza

Promotio Iustitiae 136
[Archivo PDF - 1,6 MB]

Un voyage vers la justice et l'espérance

Promotio Iustitiae 136
[Fichier PDF - 1.8 MB]

Un cammino verso la giustizia e la speranza

Promotio Iustitiae 136
[File PDF - 1.7 MB]
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