Protecting people: a social issue that also affects spirituality

First in presence meeting of PCCP Conference Safeguarding Delegates

The first in person meeting of the Conference Safeguarding Delegates and teams took place in Rome from 11 to 14 March 2024. The six Conferences were represented by Ms. Lucy Monari (JCAM), Ms. Julie Ashby-Ellis (JCEP), Larry Yévenes SJ (CPAL), Ms. Kristin Austin (JCCU), Konrad Noronha SJ and Ravi Sagar SJ (JCSA) and Simon Davies (JCAP). These delegates support the PCCP mission in their Conferences.

Fr General, Arturo Sosa SJ, opened the meeting with a profound and inspiring talk. He emphasized that abuse is a social problem, and the Society of Jesus is not a satellite alien to this reality and wants to contribute to overcome it, inside and outside the Church, as stated in the Universal Apostolic Preference number 2. Fr General stressed that is why the main characteristic of the new training and formation programme that he launched last December 2023 is social impact. Fr General highlighted the importance of the delegates’ engagement and collaboration with diverse others in this programme, and in its effective implementation in all Conferences of the Society of Jesus.


The new PCCP training and formation programme was one of the main topics in the agenda of this meeting. The programme will start with pre-secondary and secondary education, Jesuit formation and universities. John Guiney SJ and Dr. Sandra Racionero-Plaza shared with the delegates the developments in the architecture and contents of the first phase of this unique programme. These developments are being done in co-creation with diverse actors, from Secretaries and Assistants in the Curia to survivors. It is not one more programme on safeguarding, but it seeks promoting social impact, cultural change. The programme contains scientific evidence of social impact, giving participants specific tools to identify and analyze the social roots of different types of abuses and to intervene with the whole community to promote a consistent culture of protection. This knowledge is brought into dialogue with Ignatian spirituality.

Dr. Racionero-Plaza, a leading researcher in safeguarding internationally, addressed key emerging issues raised by the delegates by sharing latest research evidence on topics such as adult-to-adult harassment, consent, all community involvement, the key role of upstanders and their protection. Later, Fr James Hanvey, the Secretary for the Promotion of Faith in the Curia, shared developments in the theology module of safeguarding, which employs the Spiritual Exercises to read realities of abuse and approach its mitigation. One of the most consoling moments of the meeting was realizing the deep dialogue and connections between scientific research and theology/Ignatian spirituality in relation to mitigating and preventing abuse. This dialogue is one of the main characteristics of the new programme.


Fr Mark Ravizza SJ, Delegate for Formation in the Society of Jesus, presented the history of safeguarding formation of Jesuits, sharing evidence regarding the work done and the current need to moving forward with a curriculum in this area for all stages of Jesuit formation. PCCP coordinators shared their first developments of this curriculum, which focuses on the community dimension of positive human development and socialization.

Fr Jaramillo gave a clear social justice framework to the meeting, reminding all that the most vulnerable need to be at the centre of our concerns and planning in this new PCCP phase. Fr Benoit Malvaux SJ, the Procurator of the Society of Jesus, shared important updates in canon law that apply to safeguarding. Fr John Dardis SJ, General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning and Director of Communications in the General Curia, shared with the delegates some key communication guidelines when facing cases of abuse. Fr Victor Assouad SJ, member of the global Commission on the Role and Responsibilities of Women of the Society of Jesus, spoke about the commission’s work and possibilities of collaboration.

This first in person meeting has helped to cultivate a sense of community among the Conference safeguarding delegates and strengthens us in the PCCP mission.

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