In what way is Geneva a privileged place for a Jesuit presence?

The cultural magazine choisir has been published by Jesuits in French-speaking Switzerland for some 60 years. It covers all the contemporary themes and offers a selection of analyses, reflections and information written by specialists. Its objective is to allow its readers to step back from the frightening mass of daily information, to discover meaning in events, to find points of reference in order to forge a personal option and act accordingly.

The magazine choisir is not an organ of propaganda, but of discernment. It has remained faithful to the spiritual intuitions of its founders: to offer a publication of Christian inspiration that promotes ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. A publication that is not confined within the narrow boundaries of a single religious perspective.

It is this proposal for discernment for French-speaking Swiss society that the Province of Switzerland wanted to make known to Fr. Arturo Sosa during his visit to that country in September. The magazine took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. First, how did he conceive that the city of Geneva, known for its financial institutions and prestigious trademarks, could be a favourable or even welcoming ground for the perspectives of today’s Society of Jesus, those that propose the way to God and the accompaniment of the needy and the little ones. Here is his answer.

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