“Lord, the one you love is sick.”

Prayer is a way of life, whether you are sick or are accompanying the sick. The director of the infirmary of the International Houses of Rome, Fr. Alfredo Del Risco, suggests two prayers inspired by monks of the Western Church, in the tradition of the monastery of Bose, one of the most famous abbeys in Italy.

Prayer of the Sick

Lord, my God, here I am before you:
I am sick, Lord, and you know my affliction
and my weariness; you also know my fear.

You who said that you came for the sick,
come to me, Lord Jesus,
and by your presence restore my faith;
sustain my hope so that I won't be confused;
make my love strong so that I accept being loved
and seek to continue to love.

Lord, in my nights be my light;
make me feel communion with all the saints in heaven.
I offer you my body, I offer you my whole life.
I am yours, never leave me. Amen!

Prayer for those accompanying a sick person

Lord Jesus, our Saviour,
the one you love is sick,
and I pray with him/her and for him/her.

I am here by the side of one who suffers.
and my only wish, Lord, is that my love will
relieve his/her illness and ease his/her anguish.

Lord, send your Holy Spirit to bring comfort to us all,
to shed light for us on the mystery of life and death,
and to strengthen our communion.

Lord, Doctor of our lives,
the one you love is sick;
Show yourself as the one who consoles and heals! Amen.

Good Samaritan, icon from the icon laboratory of the monastery of Bose (Italy)

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