The Holy Spirit at Work

Father General Arturo Sosa has just launched a nine-month process of planning in the General Curia.


The process is divided into several phases. The first phase is gratitude for how God has been working in the Curia and among all the people here over the last four years.

It is key that we start with gratitude.” said Father Sosa. “It is the foundation for everything. If we start with just the problems and the needs it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But God is in charge. It is His mission. He has been leading us and we have to recognise that and acknowledge it. That is the Ignatian starting point.”

As part of this phase, people are invited to get back in touch with the ‘why’, with what drew them to this work and what keeps them motivated. They will also reconnect with the Preferences and where the UAPs give life and energy.



In a second phase, running from May to September 2021, participants will look together at possible priorities for the Curia going forward, based on the challenges emerging, and the call of the Preferences. A survey will ask for feedback from those the Curia serves, such as Socii, Major superiors and Vatican officials. We want to listen to some voices from outside the Curia itself and hear their suggestions.

In the final phase the plan will be drawn up and circulated.

“Everyone is involved in this process according to their role here and according to the mission of the department,” said Father Sosa. “There will be meetings every six weeks of the entire staff, Jesuits and lay - about 80 people. In between, small groups with people chosen from different departments will deepen the reflections that come in from the larger plenaries. That is how we will go forward, step by step, listening, praying, speaking together in new ways.”

The Planning Group is led by the Discernment and Planning Counsellor and includes Frs. Antoine Kerhuel, José Magadia, Jesus Zaglul, Mark Ravizza and Br Wenceslao Soto. Sonia Berri provides administrative support.

“We want to let ourselves be guided by the Spirit in this process,”said Fr Sosa. God is the One Who leads the mission and we have to let ourselves be guided by the Spirit. This is a process of listening to the Spirit of God in our midst, speaking to us today and helping to revitalise the Ignatian charism.”

Please pray for the success of the process.

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