Heaven’s Heart – Dos Vidas (Two Lives)

From the “Corridor of Father General” series of artwork, here is “Dos Vidas (Two Lives)”.

It is a meditation on the duality of an individual’s journey or period of transience. On one hand, hope for a better tomorrow. On the other, a deep and paralyzing fear of the now. Additionally, this work is intended to be a practice in compassion and understanding for those undertaking a journey, be it physical, emotional, mental, or metaphorical.


Artists: Arturo Araujo SJ, Alex Campagnella-Dose

Inkjet printing, silkscreen, woodblock, digital Illustrations, on ultra-smooth fine art paper.
Size: 70.8" x 85" (180cm x 216cm).

Based on a photo by Alejandro Olayo Mendez SJ (2020). A Central American single mother migrating to Mexico with her two sons aboard of “La Bestia”, a cargo train used by migrants to move through Mexico to reach the North border of Mexico with the USA.

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