“Healing the Sick by Healing Relationships” – World Day of the Sick

Lord Jesus Christ,

You who healed the sick and comforted the afflicted,
You who showed us the Father’s infinite mercy and compassion,
You who gave your life for our salvation,
hear now our prayer on this World Day of the Sick.

To you we entrust those who suffer in body, mind or spirit.
Grant them your grace, give them strength, console them with your peace,
and sustain them with the hope that comes from your resurrection.

To you we entrust those who care for the sick and the elderly.
We remember the doctors, nurses, volunteers and family members who give of themselves that others may find healing and rest.
Bless them for their generous service and selfless love,
protect them from harm and fatigue,
let them know the goodness they bring into the world.

To you we entrust the leaders of nations and those in the scientific community
who work together for the common good of humanity.
We pray that they may work towards a world in which everyone has access to health care:
That they may promote a culture of solidarity and fraternity,
that overcomes the scourges of illness, poverty and violence.

To you we entrust ourselves, through the intercession of Mary.
We pray that we may work to give comfort to the afflicted,
to follow your example of love and service,
to be faithful witnesses of your Gospel in the world,
to share in your glory in heaven.


Read Pope Francis’ message for the 32th World Day of the Sick

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