What can Jesuit Saints teach us today?

“Saints Alive”

A new series from the Jesuit General Curia in Rome

Saints have figured all through the ages. They are people who serve as examples that can help all of the Christian community.

“People today need examples - we need encouragement in our lives.” said Fr. Pascual Cebollada, the Postulator General for the Society of Jesus. “Life throws up many challenges at us. It helps to look back at Saints that have inspired us - for example St. Francis Xavier, a missionary of the 16th century who inspired so many young people to join the Society of Jesus, or St. Aloysius Gonzaga, the young Jesuit Saint who died from the plague while reaching out unselfishly to plague victims. These are people who can really help us as models of generosity, people who have done their best to lead good lives, women and men of faith, hope and love”.

The series producer and presenter is Luca Pirola from the Communications Office in the Jesuit Curia.

“This has been an amazing project to work on. It started out by accident because I was so fascinated by one of the rooms here in the Curia, which has portraits of many Jesuit Saints. I know that in my own life I have benefitted from having people who were examples of how to live a good life. We are all on a journey and each of us needs help along the way.”


The series looks at Saints and draws parallels to modern day life. It will feature

- St. Peter Claver, who worked in Cartagena, Colombia with black slaves can say a lot about the fact that ‘Black Lives Matter’.
- The Venerable Rutilio Grande who worked for human rights in El Salvador can say a lot about the search for democracy today.
- St. Aloysius Gonzaga who helped plague victims in Rome has something to say to us in a time of Covid19 and pandemic.
- St. Francis Xavier, who was a missionary in Asia, can help us understand this more and more globalized world.
- St. Alberto Hurtado, who dedicated particular energy to support poor people in Chile, can help us understand how to face this economical and social crisis.

For more details contact Luca Pirola.
The Jesuit General Curia plans to release one of these every two weeks over the next period of time.
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