12 new deacons; adopt one in your prayer!

On 6 April, twelve young Jesuits from the Collegio Intenazionale del Gesù in Rome will be ordained deacons. This step is a transition from a long and intense spiritual and intellectual formation in the Society to a new form of service as deacons and later as priests. Their vocations were nourished and shaped by the prayers of many friends, both known and unknown, who accompanied them on this journey to which Christ had called them. On the eve of their ordination to the diaconate, they once again ask for the support of our prayer.

An idea popped into mind: why don’t you choose to pray specifically for one of them? You could choose, for example, the one whose birthday is closest to yours...

Samuel Afonso<br>Portugal

Samuel Afonso

06/03/1986 (35)
I ask you to pray so that I never forget that the deacon is the one that serves. Also for our families, since they can’t be with us due to the pandemic.
Didier Cimalamungo<br>Dem. Republic of Congo

Didier Cimalamungo
Dem. Republic of Congo

14/01/1986 (35)
May God grant me grace and happiness and bless my future mission with the students and all the people who have need of love and divine consolation.
Luka Ilić<br>Croatia

Luka Ilić

22/10/1988 (32)
Pray that I grow daily in the love and service of God and my neighbor. Also, pray that I become a deacon (and a priest) after the heart of Jesus.
Árpád Jancsó<br>Hungary

Árpád Jancsó

16/12/1986 (34)
That, as a Jesuit, I can remain on this “path to God”.
Ivars Juhņevičs<br>Latvia

Ivars Juhņevičs

23/09/1985 (35)
So that I can be a sign of His presence and closeness.
Ivan Junušić<br>Croatia

Ivan Junušić

08/12/1987 (33)
Pray for my future missions, wherever that may be.
Nirmal Minj<br>India

Nirmal Minj

26/07/1987 (33)
May almighty God bless me with good health of mind and body so that I may serve as an effective instrument of God by being faithful and true to my vocation.
Carlos Miranda<br>Portugal

Carlos Miranda

05/01/1986 (35)
Pray that I can be a true witness and instrument of God’s love.
Dominic Mutuku Musyoki<br>Kenya

Dominic Mutuku Musyoki

05/08/1984 (36)
Pray for me, for my future mission in the Society of Jesus and for the mission of my Province and the entire Society in South Sudan.
Anthony Trần Khắc Bá<br>Vietnam

Anthony Trần Khắc Bá

27/05/1982 (38)
Pray for my future mission in studying and teaching philosophy, and in bearing witness to God’s mercy.
Tomislav Vujeva<br>Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tomislav Vujeva
Bosnia and Herzegovina

01/12/1987 (33)
I’m asking for your prayers for all the young people of my country that are struggling in many ways; economically, socially but also spiritually in search for a better future.
Vincenzo Vũ Tứ Quyết<br>Vietnam

Vincenzo Vũ Tứ Quyết

08/06/1988 (32)
Pray for my future mission in the global context with many-mixed different cultures and political conflicts; that the Church and the Society of Jesus could find new ways in the world to follow Jesus Christ.
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