Candle for Peace

A movement is being launched from the General Curia, which you are invited to spread throughout the Provinces, communities and works of the Society of Jesus!

Fr Arturo Sosa, Superior General, is calling us to join our voices for peace in a prayer for justice and truth to shine in our world. Listen to his message or read it below.

Join the movement by uploading a photo of your candle using the hashtag #candleforpeace.

Humanity is living through a difficult and dangerous time. Wars are breaking out across the world, even in places we thought had learned to avoid resorting to war to settle differences. Wars further aggravate the deterioration of the environment and delay urgent and necessary action. The need for justice and reconciliation to achieve peace is ever-more pressing. As humanity we are once again at a turning point. We need to awaken our deepest strength. As we see the shadows around us, let us become aware of the enormous risks to which we are subjecting human life and the life of planet Earth.

A different narrative is possible. We can live this moment as an opportunity to go beyond as individuals, as communities, as Church, as Humanity. As a sign of hope renewed by the Easter experience, I invite all people who are wholeheartedly committed to justice, reconciliation and peace to light a candle during this Easter season. A candle is a symbol of light; it is a symbol that illuminates our gaze, helps us to see, in order to better find our way. In the Christian tradition it symbolizes Jesus, the crucified-resurrected one.

Kindle a light for reconciliation and peace in your parish church, in the chapel you attend, in the spiritual center where you retreat, in your home, in your social center or in your workplace...

This light that I am kindling now will be burning throughout Easter as a sign of reconciliation, of our longing for peace and of our desire to participate in the creation of this alternative narrative. Join us in that movement.

We want to prevent the destruction of humanity, of the whole world. We want to contribute to stop the destruction of brothers and sisters against each other... we want to help the survival of vulnerable people: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, boys, girls, the elderly... Each one of us can do something. Let us ignite the flame, a small but important gesture of hope; a protest against injustice. With it we unite our voice with so many of our brothers and sisters who say “enough”... Together we ask for justice and for the truth to shine. We commit ourselves to contribute to the reconciliation that opens the doors to societies of people living in freedom.

Arturo Sosa, SJ
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