Heaven’s Heart… in “Father General’s Corridor”

In 2021, Fr. Arturo Sosa invited the Jesuit artist Arturo Araujo to create a series of artworks to bring to life the corridor that runs alongside his office. Conversations between the Superior General and the artist led to the proposal of a graphic representation that freely evokes the Society’s Universal Apostolic Preferences. These works represent in a dynamic and integrated way, the commitments of the Society, in a single concept.

Fr. Arturo Araujo teaches art at Seattle University (USA), a Jesuit institution. To collaborate with him in this project, he involved five talented students from his department: Alex Campanella-Dosé, Henry Geary, Bridgette Huhtala, Pia Jondonovan and Chloe Rollens. Over several months, they discussed the challenges of language that speak of spiritual realities to a universal audience. The team, together with Father General, chose Heaven’s Heart as the title of this artwork series, because of the movements of the Spirit that one can feel which is at the heart of all the apostolic work of the Society of Jesus. The artist says, “The Preferences help us Jesuits and our collaborators to be united in the same spirit that guides us in the Ignatian desire of God’s greater glory for our time”.

Over the next few weeks, our website will gradually present the 10 artworks of this series.


Father General with Fr. Arturo Araujo.

Father General’s presentation

The paintings in “Father General’s Corridor” in Rome are windows open to the world. They not only reflect the suffering and injustices that wound our contemporary world, but they also invite us to enter into a more fundamental experience – sometimes stronger and sometimes more discreet – the one that opens us to hope.

The images overlap, as in the reality of the vibrant world in which we live. Each of them is incomplete but, at the same time, each participates in a whole, in a message. God is there, present, at the center of life; he allows himself to be perceived and thus enables us to “see all things new”.

Observing these paintings daily is for me a call to commitment and mission, but above all a call to constantly change my gaze to discover in them the promises of a reconciled world that is enriched by its diversity.

Arturo Sosa SJ
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