Who do you want to be? – A Lenten Initiative for Schools

The General Curia in collaboration with Educate Magis invites teachers, retreat leaders and youth ministers to engage the valuable resource, Who Do You Want to Be? - A Video Series to Light Your Path” as a way to accompany your students during Lent.

This four-part video series, designed during the Ignatian Year, highlights the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, and has detailed and adaptable lesson plans that invite students to imagine themselves differently, to ask themselves what kind of persons they really want to be? “These videos,” says Father Arturo Sosa, SJ, the General Superior of the Society of Jesus, “explain the process of personal transformation involved in meeting Jesus,” one that makes us “able to dream together and see all things new.” It is an excellent resource for a formative Lenten retreat or classroom experience.

The videos series and pedagogical materials are available in French, English and Spanish and can be accessed through educatemagis.org or whotobe.org.

Here is a description of each of the four videos:

• The ministry of Saint Peter Claver with the enslaved Africans in Cartagena; invites us to recognize the marginalized in our world; and to consider seven pragmatic steps we can take in “Walking with the Excluded”.

• The ministry of Father Stanislaus Lourduswamy to the Adivasi people; invites us to reflect on our relationship to God, to others and to Creation; and consider the hopes and challenges in pursuing a viable and enduring earth and a more just world in “Caring for our Common Home”.

• The spiritual pilgrimage of Ignatius Loyola; introduces students to the guidelines of Ignatian Spiritual Conversation; and invites students to practice Ignatian Spiritual Conversation following a meditation on “The First Principle and Foundation” in “Showing the Way to God”.

• Student stories of adult accompaniment; invites students to reflect on their own experience; and share what they believe it means to be well accompanied by the adults in their community. Also an opportunity for the adults, this time, to think and talk about Ignatian formation with the video “Journeying with Youth”.

Please encourage your students to share their Lenten activities across the Jesuit Global Network of Schools by uploading relevant photos or videos to [email protected].

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