Prayer for the Congregation of Procurators

The 71st Congregation of Procurators, an essential governing body of the Society of Jesus, is meeting in Loyola, Spain this month. The assembly consists of one delegate from each of the Society’s Provinces and Regions, in addition to Father General and his Assistants.

The Congregation will begin with an eight-day retreat from May 6 to May 14, followed by the Congregation itself from May 15 to May 21.

Let us pray together during this crucial moment in the universal Society’s life by reciting the prayer of the 71st Congregation of Procurators every day.

[© image: ARCABAS - "The Pilgrims of Emmaus: At Table" - Chiesa della Risurrezione, Comunità Nazareth, Torre de’ Roveri BG (Italy)]


Our merciful Father,
who offered our father Ignatius
a path of conversion
and led him by the hand
towards a greater dream.

We, his sons, ask you now,
in this time of challenges and calls,
that you guide us, as you did him,
along the paths of poverty and humility,
to feel and taste your Will.

Welcome, Father, this “least” Company,
that gathers in your name.
Enkindle in our hearts
the fire of the Spirit of your Son,
our brother, friend and Lord,
in whose Love and Life you continue to gather us.

Today, as yesterday, Lord,
in communion with the Church
and her evangelizing mission,
we want to be the way to you,
so that those who seek you may find you;
joyful friends of the poor and excluded;
pilgrims together with young people who explore
their hope for a new world;
caretakers of the Common Home
and sowers of justice and reconciliation.

We ask you again, Lord,
in this incredible present,
open to all your promises,
to be placed with the Son,
to renew in us your Hope
and to see all things new in Him.

May your Spirit accompany and guide us,
in these days of prayer
and discernment in common,
so that we may feel your Will in all things
and may we fulfill it completely.

In the hands of Mary,
Our Lady of the Way,
Mother of Jesus and our Mother,
we place this Congregation,
so that it may feel her motherly love.



Daily prayer

The daily prayer of the Procurators can also be watched on video on our YouTube channel from 16 May.


71st Congregation of Procurators

For more information about the Congregation, read the article published on 18 april READ
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