Congregation of Procurators – The retreat

The retreat for the Congregation of Procurators is a unique opportunity for the members to dive deep into the De Statu Societatis (DSS) and reflect on it. It is a synthesis document prepared by Father General from reports received on the situation of the Society from around the world. The retreat began with an opening mass presided over by Fr. General in the Santuario de Loyola, a place that holds a special significance for Jesuits and mission partners. The mass was open to the public, and Fr. General emphasized the importance of this Congregation, stating that it is a time to reflect, pray, and discern the direction of the Society of Jesus.

The retreat is being preached by three of Father General’s Assistants, Mark Ravizza, Claudio Paul, and Victor Assouad in English, Spanish, and French respectively. Each day, the Procurators receive daily points from them that invite them to dwell prayerfully and meditate over the DSS. The daily points begin at 10 in the morning and are focused on one aspect of the DSS accompanied by scripture passages and texts from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The Procurators have the freedom to plan their day and spend time in prayer and meditation. The lush green surroundings, fresh air, gentle breeze, and every molecule in the atmosphere of Loyola are conducive to getting a step closer to the Divine Master. The daily adoration at 13:00 in the Chapel of Conversion is a special time for gathering the fruits of prayer. During this 30-minute period of silence, one can feel the whispers of the Lord during this retreat.


In the evenings, the Procurators have spiritual conversations in different language groups. Witnessing the movements of the Spirit in each person is truly enriching. The diversity of cultures and languages is a gift, and it is a beautiful reminder of the universality of the Church.

The daily Eucharist at 20:00 is again an opportunity for the Procurators to listen to the Spirit. The masses are celebrated in the respective language groups, and the Procurators take turns celebrating them. Fr. Damjan Ristić (SVN), who presided over the Eucharist for the English-speaking group on Monday, 8 May, spoke about the importance of the Jesuit identity as companions in the Lord, derived from Jesus alone and His mission for the Church. He encouraged the Procurators to continue to listen to the Spirit and experience the Divine generosity. The DSS provides a framework for this reflection, and it helps them discern the way forward.

Apart from praying over the DSS, the retreat also provides a space for the Procurators to connect with one another. They come from different parts of the world, and the retreat is a chance for them to build relationships, share their experiences, and learn from one another. The spiritual conversations in language groups provide a space for them to connect and support one another on their spiritual journeys.

As the retreat continues, we pray that the members of the Congregation may encounter the Lord Jesus in a profound way and be guided by the Holy Spirit in their reflections.

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