To serve the sick and the poor

31 July: Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola


An episode from the life of the founder of the Jesuits can inspire our meditation today.

In 1535, at the end of his studies in Paris, Ignatius travels to his native town, Azpeitia. He does not accept his brother’s invitation to stay in the family castle of Loyola and settles in the hospital of La Magdalena in Azpeitia. Look at his serving the sick, serving the poor, begging for alms and speaking of God to his fellow countrymen and women.

In this hospital he began to speak to many who came to visit him about the things of God, and with his grace much fruit was obtained. As soon as he arrived, he determined to teach the children the Christian doctrine every day; but his brother was very much opposed to this, assuring him that no one would come. He replied that one would be enough for him. But as soon as he began to teach, many came to hear him, and even his own brother. (...) He also ordered that the poor be helped publicly and constantly.

Autobiography, 88-89
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