Praying for Survivors and Victims of Abuse

“Abuse is an act of betrayal, condemning those who suffer it ... prevention must be a permanent process of renewing our commitment to life and the future, on which minors must be able to depend.”

With these words to the delegates of the “Project SAFE” conference on the protection of children, Pope Francis restated his call to prioritize the protection of minors in the ministries of the Church. For almost a decade, the Holy Father has invited all of us to conversion, especially with regard to how we protect future generations from abuse.

Dioceses around the world were invited to fix a date for a special day of prayer.

• In Italy and several other EU countries, on 18 November.
• In Ireland, and in some countries of Africa, it occurs on the first Friday of Lent.
• In Japan, it is on the second Friday of Lent.
• In Belgium, in April.
• In the USA, in June.

Other dates are found on

Various prayer resources are on line, for example here.

Prayer for the Victims and Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Heavenly Father,

who loves and cares for all of your children, especially the smallest and most vulnerable, we entrust to you the lives of the many children and vulnerable adults, who have been sexually abused, and whose trust and innocence have been destroyed. Help us to hear their cries of pain and to take responsibility for so many broken lives.

We pray that within their communities and families they may find understanding and support so that with the help of your grace their wounds may be healed, and they may again know peace.

Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who shared our weakness in all things but sin, and lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


Prayer for the Healing of Memories, by Liam Lawton, Irish priest and musician

Lord, I cannot find the words that I should say, nor will I ever know the pain nor know the deep despair of souls who have been hurt for lack of love and care.
This is a prayer, a plea, that you would come and gently heal the souls of all whose hearts still bleed.
Heal the silent scream of those who cry through nights and years.
The child who forever weeps and wakes in adult dreams.
Heal the pain that never seems to fade, replace with love the guilt of endless shame.
Hear the voice that longs to tell its tale, hear the words where integrity prevails, hear the truth where honesty has failed.
Hear us now, we call upon your name.
Heal all hidden memories in the deepest painful place, suppressed through years of suffering.
From memories erase all thoughts of fear and failure with tears that wash each face.
You Lord were stripped, bruised and beaten, unprotected, so vulnerable, derided, mocked, betrayed, and in the tomb where you were laid, we place the hurt, the hate, the wounds of history.

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