How can we educate for faith nowadays?


The proper animation of a network of schools as large as that of the Society of Jesus requires constant support, training, and – most importantly – discernment. Thus, the Jesuit Global Network of Schools (JGNS) has created diverse opportunities to meet and carry on this discernment. One of this moments is the International Seminar in which educators from our global network and specialists from different fields from around the world gather to discuss key aspects of our educational apostolate. The 2024 seminar, referred to as the “II Seminar JESEDU-Jogja2024”, took place at De Britto College, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from June 24-28.

The seminar was organized by the Jesuit Schools Association of Indonesia (ASJI), and the Indonesian Province of the Society of Jesus with the support of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP), the Secretariat for Education (Secondary and Pre-secondary Education) of the General Curia and Educate Magis.Fr José Alberto Mesa, the Secretary for Education,described the seminar as “an important moment for Jesuit schools to discuss and discern how to educate for faith as Catholic/Jesuit schools in the 21st Century in our increasingly multi-religious and multi-convictional contexts”. When asked what he hoped the seminar would provide its participants, Fr Mesa replied, “the seminar wants to provide a space for discussion and discernment of how we can better respond to the challenge of the 1st UAP: how can we show the way to God today to the new generations attending our schools? In others words how can we educate for faith in the 21st Century?”

The seminar started with a video message from Fr General Arturo Sosa in which he stressed the apostolic nature of the ministry in education.

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