15 new Provincials “in training”

The proof, if any were needed, that the General Curia is living at a "post-pandemic" rhythm, is the fact that various meetings are being held within its walls - on site and not by video conference. At the moment, fifteen Provincial Superiors appointed during the two years of Covid-19 are taking part in a "colloquium". It is an opportunity for them to get to know the services of the central government of the Society in Rome and to familiarise themselves with some of their responsibilities in the accompaniment of their companions, in the management of goods, and also in juridical and canonical matters.

It is a full two-week session. After the first week, we asked three participants, from three different Conferences, to share with us what had caught their attention so far.

Sean Carroll - Province of USA West

Since I arrived in Rome on Sunday, 20 March, I have been deeply grateful to participate in the Major Superiors Colloquium. José Magadia, Father General’s Assistant for Asia-Pacific, has led us very well, and we have received wonderful presentations on a range of topics such as formation, Jesuit Refugee Service/Social Ministry Secretariat, Communications and Strengthening Community Life, to name a few.

At the same time, the opportunity to pray and have spiritual conversation on the first day moved me deeply. Fr. General gave us points of prayer in which we reflected on the call to integrate the UAPs more deeply into our ministries as communicators of consolation and through openness to deeper personal and communal conversion as the least Society of Jesus, collaborating with others and totally relying on God’s grace to fulfill our mission. As we shared the fruits of our prayer, we bonded more deeply as brothers and friends in the Lord. This experience has grown deeper during these days, through our sharing of meals, our Eucharistic celebrations and our free time with one another.

As we travel this journey together as Provincials, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to walk this path with such holy, committed and loving men. They truly help me to “see all things new in Christ.”


Left to right: Soosai Mani, Benedictus Hari Juliawan and Sean Carroll.

Benedictus Hari Juliawan - Indonesian Province

The main highlight of this workshop for me is getting to know the other Major Superiors. I felt a deep sense of solidarity with them. Despite our different origins and situations, we are carrying similar responsibilities and facing the same challenges that define the Society wherever we are in the world. In our group sharing, it was obvious that we struggled with certain individuals, were out of our depth when dealing with non-functioning communities, and clueless to the financial situations of some apostolic works. We learned from each other, in terms of not only skills and knowledge, but crucially, in how to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually.

I was grateful to be in their company as they showed how they overcame obstacles that I personally would never imagine. The East African Provincial has to dodge ongoing wars and conflicts when visiting the areas of communities under his care. The American Provincials continue to live with the legacy of abuse and slavery. The Indian Provincials have to dance around the delicate ethnic relations in their Provinces. I will go back to my Province a little wiser with all the lessons and these memorable moments of sharing.

Soosai Mani - Provincial of Delhi

The Grace of Consolation captured me from the time I stepped into the General Curia. Meeting my fellow Provincial companions, the Jesuits engaged in various activities of the Secretariats and Fr. General himself is indeed consoling. A day of prayer set the motion for the intense learning that I would go through in the coming days.

First, I learned that a deeper understanding and assimilation of the UAPs is essential for the proper animation of the Province. Our life and mission need to be oriented by these Preferences. The second point I learned is that spiritual conversation is a tool that will help the Jesuits to get in touch with their spiritual depth and respond to situations with faith. It can bring the Jesuit from head to heart. Another important aspect of the first week learning is that, during the visitation, a Provincial need to communicate that each one of his Jesuit brother is important and wanted in the Society. Finally, through our sharing, I realized that, as Jesuits, we are often generous in our work and in helping one another, yet there are times we find it difficult to live in a community. We need to continue to ask ourselves, “Am I my brother’s keeper...?” so to accept, and encourage one another.

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