Heaven’s Heart – Creation

From the “Corridor of Father General” series of artwork, here is “Creation”.

The boys in this photograph were captured creating with chalk powder in a Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) school in Kfar Zabad, Lebanon. Being Syrian refugees, these youths have faced hardship beyond what words can describe. Despite being displaced and marginalized, visual imagery taking influence from Andrei Rublev’s Trinity iconography illustrates these boys as holy in the eyes of God. Holiness in relation to creativity, for here, we relate Rublev’s trinity icon to the first three days of creation. The Father with light, the Son with sky, and the Holy Spirit with vegetation and animals. The Universal Apostolic Preferences are also reflected here, for we “show a way to God” through iconography, “walk with the poor” and “accompany the young” through the subject matter of the three boys, and “collaborate in the care for our common home” through the environmental aspects of the boys’ creations. All in all, we stress the idea of universal creativity. Everyone can create and become close to God, no matter how seemingly small they are.


Artists: Arturo Araujo SJ, Chloe Rollens

Inkjet printing, silkscreen, woodblock, watercolor, and gold foiling, on ultra-smooth fine art paper.
Size: 70.8" x 85" (180cm x 216cm).

Based on a photo by JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) at the Kfar Zabad school, Lebanon (2014).

(©JRS / JRS’s History – Lebanon)

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