Heaven’s Heart – God, the Creator

From the “Corridor of Father General” series of artwork, here is “God, the Creator”.

Illustrates a child’s imagination, and its parallels to God’s creations. Imagination stems from a youth’s environment and its role as the source of their initial creative pursuits. Drawing their pets, family, backyard, or classroom is an example of this. When the vital process of developmental creative thinking is interrupted by displacement, a child’s perspectives change. Displacement strips one of their environmental foundations, stunting creativity.

Although these circumstances are quite damaging, education can be a safe space. Fostering new emotional connections and encouraging curiosity through the utility of the classroom, supports the drive-in human nature to contrive; emulating God’s essential element of creation.


Artists: Arturo Araujo SJ, Bridgette Huhtala

Inkjet printing, silkscreen, woodblock, watercolor, and gold foiling, on ultra-smooth fine art paper.
Size: 70.8" x 85" (180cm x 216cm).

Based on a photo by Christian Fuchs, for JRS, at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya (2013).

(©Christian Fuchs/JRS)

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