3 December – praying with St Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier was the companion of Ignatius when he founded the Society of Jesus, the great missionary to Asia, the intrepid traveller...

This giant in Christian missionary history lived in turbulent times. At times, doubt filled his heart from the obstacles he confronted. At other times, night and its shadows seemed to fill him with dread. The heartfelt ties that bound him to his fellow Jesuits in Europe were all that remained to him. In the end, he had nothing else to rely on but prayer.

We can join him in this prayer by recalling, for example, that as he sought to preach the Gospel in Japan, he had to face snow and cold on his tireless journey. It was then that he prayed to the “Father of Light”.

[Photo: Statue of St. Francis Xavier, Centro espiritual Javier, Mexico City, Mexico]

Father of Light

Father of light, shine on us all
Giver of wisdom, we seek you
Show us the way, show us your will
When all we can say is “we need you”

Hold us close to your heart
Through all of the journey
Never to part; be all that we see
Above all and beside us,
To always provide a way for the pilgrim
A place for his soul to abide

Lord over all, unchanging God
Rock of all ages, we seek you
Love, perfect love, yours is the flame
Yours is the truth we seek to gain

Father of light shine on us all


Saint Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier (Francisco de Jassu y Javier, 1506-1552), was the first Jesuit missionary...

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