Speaking from the heart – 57th World Day of Social Communications

Sunday 21 May is the 57th World Day of Social Communications. This year’s theme is: “Speaking from the heart, according to the truth and with charity.” In his message on this occasion, Pope Francis tells communicators that “We should not be afraid of proclaiming the truth, even if it is at times uncomfortable, but of doing so without charity, without heart.”

The Pope stresses the importance of truth for life in society, and he highlights the key role played by the media in spreading this truth. He reminds us that truth is a common good that must be protected because it is the basis of all authentic relationships. He adds: “The call to speak from the heart radically challenges the times we are living in, which are so inclined towards indifference and indignation”. In a world where exchanges are often cold and impersonal, it is more important than ever to speak from the heart, for “from the heart come the right words,” the words we need to build an ever better world, where truth and charity meet and together illuminate the path of the human adventure.

Speaking from the heart also helps to counter disinformation, which falsifies and instrumentalises the truth. Indeed, false information can seriously harm society and human dignity. By speaking from the heart, we counter this disinformation and preserve the truth.


The work of the communications department of the General Curia of the Society of Jesus is guided by this same spirit: it seeks to be imbued with the truth that brings out all that is good, generous and charitable in the human heart. This spirit is manifested in the coverage of Father General’s activities and those of Jesuit works, and it is especially present in the many testimonies of Jesuits and their partners, who communicate the message of the Gospel from their hearts.

Finally, the message of the World Day of Social Communications is addressed not only to media professionals, but to all those who are called, in their professional activities, to communicate in ways that contribute to the construction of a more just and fraternal world. Indeed, we must all engage in communication that unites truth and charity, lets the heart speak, allows for encounter, fosters mutual understanding and encourages commitment.

Click here to read Pope Francis’ message for the 57th World Day of Social Communications.

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