A treasure of holiness

In recent weeks, the journalist Luca Pirola has introduced us to some of the Jesuits who, at different moments in the history of the Society of Jesus, have distinguished themselves by the quality of their commitment.

Luca discovered a room in the General Curia in which the walls are covered with paintings of Jesuit saints. This is how he got in touch with the Postulator for the Causes of Saints of the Society, Fr. Pascual Cebollada. Fr. Cebollada directed him towards some of the Jesuit figures that may be of particular relevance today. Luca has taken an interest in these Jesuits and has introduced them through a series of interviews that you can watch or re-watch.

The Postulator also opened the doors to "his treasures": documents of course, but which are, in the end, the rich testimonies kept in the archives of his department. Watch this short meeting between our journalist and Fr. Pascual.

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