Strong institutional support for the Jesuits in Myanmar

On 19 March, Father General’s decree announced the new “status” for what was until now the “Myanmar Mission”. This “unit” was under the responsibility of JCAP (Jesuit Conference of Asia-Pacific). Myanmar (MYN) is now considered a Dependent Region of the Philippine Province (PHI). The new Region has 38 Jesuits, 28 of whom are scholastics. A youthful wind is undoubtedly blowing there!

At first glance, one might think that this is just an administrative change. But for the Jesuits working in this Asian country, which is under extreme political tension, it is a sign of confidence given to them by Father General and by their companions in the Philippines. After a serious process of discernment, the major superiors of Myanmar, the Philippines and JCAP suggested this change of status to the General, who recognised the authenticity of the steps taken in both Myanmar and the Philippines.


In the letter he wrote to his fellow Jesuit confreres on the eve of the change, Fr Mark Raper, the superior of the Mission, wrote: “Let us pray together that this initiative of accompaniment and collaboration will, as Fr General suggests, bring new energy to mission in both the Province and the Region. Fr General is aware of the tensions faced by the people of Myanmar in our dual crises of the global pandemic and the coup d’état, and he follows closely the current events, joining his prayer in solidarity with ours.”

As for the Provincial of the Philippines, Fr Primitivo Viray, he also published a letter for the occasion. He wrote: “Against the backdrop of escalating tensions and calls for authentic peace and justice in Myanmar, the (Philippine) Province lends its voice and helping hand to sisters and brothers there in their aspirations for a hope-filled future founded on the dignity of each human being and respect for human rights.”

Let us continue to accompany in prayer the people of Myanmar and the Jesuits of that Region.

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