29 institutions, 100 videos, 4 million views

One Gospel Step

A new Jesuit project inspires on many levels.

A great variety of stories, from an Indonesian boy training at a Jesuit school to become an eco-farmer, or a Jesuit youth day-care centre in a Colombian town, to an American parish that promotes art as a transmitter of faith - you will find it all in the “One Gospel Step” video series published by Jesuits Global on social media.

The initiative is innovative because all these short videos (they are no more than 90 seconds long) were created by the local communications offices of Jesuit institutions on all continents, but according to a concept and using tools provided by the General Curia in Rome. This is the first project of its kind, involving so many actors and coordinated by the General Curia Communications Office.

Since the launch of the campaign, each clip (published in English and Spanish) has been seen by an average of 40,000 viewers. Almost 100 more clips are planned, so the whole campaign should reach around 4 million people worldwide. The real audience might be even larger since some of the videos are translated into languages like Italian or... Chinese! The themes are related to the four Jesuit Apostolic Preferences.

Jesuit institutions that would like to join the project can apply here.

One Gospel Step

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