Getting November off to a good start: let’s celebrate all the saints!

1 November, the Feast of All Saints... The well-known and recognised saints, of course, but even more so, all those people, men, women and children, who have died after living a life in harmony with God’s plan for the world. Today, unite in prayer with people you have loved and who are enjoying eternal happiness.

And why not take a moment in the company of the saints and blessed Jesuits? Our website has a whole section dedicated to them. Did you know that this section actually receives a fair number of visitors? These pages feature men who have given their all and who can inspire us.

One more reason to go there: we’ve updated the file to include 12 Jesuits who have been canonised or beatified in recent years. They are, in alphabetical order, Tiburcio Arnaiz, Juan del Castillo, Daniel Dajani, Giovanni Fausti, Roque González, Rutilio Grande, Philipp Jeningen, Emilio Moscoso, Gjon Pantalija, Alonso Rodríguez, Juan Antonio Solinas and John Sullivan. Do you already have a devotion to one or more of them? Refresh your memory and read the information page about them. Never heard of some of them? The “Saints and Blessed” section of our website is a great way to get to know them.

Saints and Blessed

Discover the Jesuits Saints and Blessed!


Jesuit Saints

A video series from the Jesuit General Curia in Rome

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