In September, let us pray to St Peter Claver

On 9 September we celebrate the feast of St Peter Claver. He was an outstanding Jesuit through his commitment to serving the marginalised of his time, specifically the enslaved men and women who were “shipped” from Africa to Latin America. He accompanied them as soon as they arrived at the port of Cartagena, Colombia. He treated their wounds, gave them courage and taught them the basics of Christianity in order to prepare them for baptism. It is said that he baptised nearly 300,000 people during his missionary years, from 1616 to 1654.

As Pope Francis invites us this month to pray especially for those living on the margins of society, let us pray to St Peter Claver, who dedicated his whole life to this evangelical service.

St Peter Claver, chosen by the Lord for your good heart, you were an exemplar of humanity and a sower of the divine Word. May we know how to imitate your love for God and for our neighbour.

Because of your immense generosity, you became a citizen of the world to serve the poor, the sick and the forgotten. You dedicated yourself with love and respect, with simplicity, humility, patience and commitment, to the service of those who had been subjected to slavery. You made yourself “a slave of the slaves forever,” and you broke down all racial, religious, social and cultural prejudices. Make us also love our brothers and sisters through works and deeds, avoiding all forms of discrimination.

St Peter Claver, you were a faithful imitator of the example of Jesus in the midst of his own people. Teach us to bear witness to him, to become better people and not to ignore our fellow human beings, especially those who suffer because of their condition. We ask this of you through Jesus, the Christ, our Lord, our God and our brother, who lives with the Father and the Holy Spirit today and for ever.Amen.

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