10 Years of Francis: Reflections from his Jesuit Brothers

A decade ago, after Pope Benedict XVI became the first Pope to resign the papacy since Gregory XII did the same in 1415, a conclave was convened to elect a successor. On the fifth ballot the 115 cardinal-electors chose Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ - Archbishop of Buenos Aires, to be the next Bishop of Rome. On the 13th of March 2013, Pope Francis was introduced to the world.

It was a time of firsts: the first Jesuit to become a Pope. The first Pope from the Americas. The first Pope to take the name of “Francis”. It was an emotional start to what has been one of the most consequential Papacies of the modern era.

Ten years later we asked Jesuits from around the world to give us their personal reflections on what a decade of Pope Francis has meant to them, their ministries, and their lives in the Church. We will be sharing these reflections with you in hopes that they may inspire your own prayer and let you chart the movements of the Holy Spirit in your lives over the course of this remarkable time.

Photo by: Catholic Church England and Wales/Flickr

10 Years of Francis: He is my pope too

10 Years of Francis: Compassion and Tenderness

10 Years of Francis: Vocation Inspiration

10 Years of Francis: MAGIS

10 Years of Francis: Inviting us to be adult disciples

10 Years of Francis: “Padre Jorge”

Conversion. Atonement. Forgiveness. Election.

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