10 Years of Francis: Inviting us to be adult disciples

Fr. Jorge Serrano, SJ is a Columbian Jesuit who served at the Curia in Rome for more than a decade. His testimony is today’s personal reflection on Pope Francis’ papacy.

As I recall the ministry of my namesake, who wanted to be like the poor of Assisi, to serve the world and the Church, I find that the greatest ministry of Pope Francis is to be found NOT in his policy positions on the issues that shake humanity in the 21st century - the threat of nuclear war, famine, LGBTQ+ issues, migrants, the abuse of minors and the vulnerable, care of the plant, or any of the other issues that occupy the front pages of news and social media. It’s true that those policies have generated controversy and started vigorous conversations about issues that were previously whispered in the dark, but that is not what makes Pope Francis’ papacy important.

Francis’ great contribution to all humanity, not just to Catholics, is his invitation for us to act as adults. To leave behind the infantilism in which we have taken refuge. To be responsible for our own actions. To say “Enough!” to those imitation leaders who impose values on us and try to control all parts of our lives economically, politically and spiritually.

Pope Francis has focused his ministry on the call for every believer to enter into an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus - to speak to Him “as a friend speaks to his friend.”

That is a real revolution.

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Conversion. Atonement. Forgiveness. Election.

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